Welcome to the Indy Foster Parent weblog.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an on-line forum for persons and families that are or were foster parents.  We encourage you to post your successes, failures, questions, comments and concerns.

We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and therefore will be touching on topics as they relate to foster care in Indiana.  However, if you are not a Hoosier, feel free to add any pearls of wisdom or concerns you may have.  The issues that Indiana foster parents face are the same issues that many across the nation face.

Some of the topics that we would like to discuss are:

Dealing with disruptive placements

State/county placement issues

Going from foster care to adoption

The heart break of sending a child home

“Why do you do it?”

Extended families and there view of foster children

Inter-racial placements

You can post anonymously, we know how the state can get touchy about speaking out.  Your anonymity will be protected as best we can.

It is our hope and prayer that this site will prove to be a useful resource to all the families out there who have opened their homes, lives and hearts to children who need our help.


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3 Responses to “WELCOME!”

  1. Anon one Says:

    i wish you well with this. Hope people will post and get a conversation going about foster care in Indiana.

  2. anonymous Says:

    The best way to contact a case worker who does not return calls is to look up his/her email address on ACESS INDIANA and then find who the worker’s supervisor is, get the supervisor’s email, write a message and CC to the supervisor, the GAL or CASA, the attorney, and request a call or reply to the email ASAP. You will be surprised how quickly you get a response. A paper trial is always a good thing.

  3. anonymous Says:

    I have been a parent, an adopted parent, a step parent and a foster parent. I have been a caseworker, a counseler and a CASA (court appointed special advocate). I can say with authority that foster parenting is one of the most full filling of roles. There is little money to be made in foster parenting – think about what it costs to raise a child and then magnify that with issues like special needs of the children (and most foster children DO have special needs), cost of taking the child to all appointments (counseling, medical, visitations with family) and the hours spent working with the child to understand that it is OK to love someone who has abused and neglected you. That it is OK to miss them. These children need love and attention. They need to feel connected and they need nuturing.

    People who go into foster parenting for the money soon quit as to effectively raise these children this paltry amount is a stipend rather than enough to support a child. If one were to consider what the expense would be to hire child care around the clock or to institutionalize a child it would be easy to see that foster parenting is the most feasable way to care for children. And despite the press, most foster parents do it because they love children and want to make a difference.

    Foster parents are well screened and well trained. there is an occassional situation where the foster parent fails and this is sad. But not all foster parents should be considered in the same perspective as most of them are fantastic people who put themselves out there to help.

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