Good touch, bad touch, how about NO touch!

The Indianapolis Star reports today of allegations brought against an Indy foster parent.  Harold “Rick” Ferrin, 53, was arrested on four felony counts of child molest.  The allegations were made by a six year old female, who was not a foster child in the Ferrin home.

In a statement to the Star, Susan Tielking, spokesperson for DCS stated, “It looks like this is a very unique case and is not reflective of the majority of foster parents who are working every single day to improve the lives of children.”

While the abuse of ANY CHILD is unacceptable, it is all the more reprehensible for a child to be abused by person(s) that have made a promise to take care of them in their time of need.  We are gladden to to know that the victim will not have to endure being pulled from another home setting, and hopefully her parents will be able to get the resources for her to deal with the abuse.

If Ferrin did in fact commit this crime, then he needs to sentenced to the full maximum allowed under law.


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